Guillermo E. George
Great customer

Author offering help desk ticket support 5 days a week is phenomenal. Any users still considering buying this theme, go for it.

Daniel Christopher
Great customer

I wanted to post here to say that having played around with this theme for a few months now, this is by far, hands down, the best theme I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Phyllis Rodriguez
Great customer

I’m very impressed your work. Awesome looking theme. Love the out of the box full width option! Never seen anything like it. I love the minimalistic and slick theme.

Clean typography

& crisp retina-ready icons

Salbii is styled with advanced typography options and ultra sharp retina-ready icon set from IcoMoon.

Theme features

Visual Composer

with more than 40 elements

The theme features a custom shortcode composer, LayerSlider, Orbit Slider and an intuitive theme options panel.

Content elements

Advanced settings

in a user-friendly option panel

Your imagination is the limit! Salbii is suitable for corporate websites – business company, marketing agency.

Options panel

One theme. Endless combinations. Your imagination is the limit!

Promote your business with style!

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100% satisfaction guaranteed

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One theme.

Endless combinations.

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