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Hadoop Training

Hadoop is a rapidly evolving ecosystem of components for implementing the Google Map Reduce algorithms in a scalable fashion on commodity hardware. Hadoop enables users to store and process large volumes of data and analyze it in ways not previously possible with less scalable solutions or standard SQL-based approaches. As an evolving technology solution, Hadoop design considerations are new to most users and not common knowledge. As part of the Dell | Hadoop solution, Dell has developed a series of best practices and architectural considerations to use when designing and implementing Hadoop solutions. Hadoop is a highly scalable compute and storage platform. While most users will not initially deploy servers numbered in the hundreds or thousands, Dell recommends following the design principles that drive large, hyper-scale deployments. This ensures that as you start with a small Hadoop environment, you can easily scale that environment without rework to existing servers, software, deployment strategies, and network connectivity.

Course Content is as follows:

Introduction to Hadoop
Hadoop challenges

  • Hadoop node types

Hadoop uses

  • What is Hadoop good for?
  • Not so much?

Hadoop architecture and components

  • Hadoop design
  • Network

Hadoop performance benchmarks

  • Teragen
  • Terasort
  • Teravalidate


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