The healthcare industry is experiencing disruptive transformation at a frenetic pace. IQuest has proven expertise in providing solutions and services to address not only day-to-day routines (we know they can be overwhelming), but also connect with the most relevant, latest research and innovations in other connected sectors such as pharmaceutical, bio-engineering, diagnostics, across geographies.

We are also aware of the mandates and stipulations the Healthcare has to abide by, the sensitiveness of data, and the vast amount of health related and commercial transactions taking place in the sector in each unit, 24×7, round the year, year after year. Staffing issues, training, attrition, negligent actions (inadvertent, or not) can cause unwarranted disruption.

IQuest provides secure, easy to use, compliance-ready and easy-to-monitor devices, solutions and services to take out most of the issues that bug the healthcare sector units.

We design and customize solutions to mitigate identified issues, and also provide insights into potential pitfalls and opportunities alike. Our expert team mines data and information locally as well as from the cloud to analyze situations and conditions to pre-empt and proactively avert unwanted happenings. We help healthcare strategize policies, operations, and feedback to deliver best value to those under their care.

The healthcare industry is benefiting greatly from digital technologies, streamlining operations and lowering costs, enabling easier information access and better patient care, and speeding up the development of groundbreaking innovative treatments that can be controlled through the cloud, mobile, and IoT. With our expertise in implementing the latest mobile, IoT, and AI technologies, IQuest solutions enables the latest in digital medicine and care for major hospitals, device companies, and life science innovators. The healthcare industry benefits from our expertise in strategy, development, and testing. We can provide various scalable and flexible solutions to help any healthcare organization achieve secure automation and productivity gains. IQuest has solutions for every aspect of your healthcare business. Our staff can assist you in keeping up with the continuously changing healthcare business, from patient communications and Electronic Medical Records.

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IQuest team members are experts in Data Strategy and Data Architecture, but what sets them apart is their ability to partner and listen to the needs of the customer and provide solutions that are customized for their problem. Their ability to quickly “Teach and Train” a team of Data Engineers to execute on a large data migration project has saved millions.

VP, Data Engineering