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In today’s fast-changing IT ecosystem, businesses require speed and agility to stay competitive, design applications that support the latest technologies, maintain higher levels of quality and resilience in applications, deploy new functionality, cut time to market, and save operational costs. All of this puts significant pressure on quality processes and operations. Managing the increasing complexity of applications by maximizing resources and human assets to assure quality and speed requires a delicate balance. Creating a virtual and centralized Test Centre of Excellence (TCoE) is the solution. A Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) is a framework for assembling a team of quality experts who use the best technologies, techniques, procedures, and processes to produce the highest quality.

Testing centers of excellence give testing teams a common aim connected with overall organizational or customer goals, allowing them to deliver near-zero defect products with better speed, agility, quality, and purpose. We will provide you with our best and complete all necessary strategies for your organization to ensure that the system runs well. To avoid difficulties, we will additionally manage your system.


We will create test centers of excellence using cutting-edge digital technology. We assist clients in establishing their in-place test centers of excellence by combining the latest quality engineering concepts and best practices with advanced technologies and frameworks. As a result, these companies may consolidate key testing functions and standardize QA processes to achieve the highest quality with the least amount of effort. IQuest has the expertise to assist clients in establishing test centers of excellence to fulfill their important business needs. IQuest TCoE services will help firms develop a test center of excellence from scratch and develop TCoE’s overall vision, roadmap, and structure.

How do we help organizations?

TCoE helps firms manage their resources more efficiently, create a work culture that supports collaboration, encourages quality, and ensures complete control over enterprise application quality. Businesses will benefit from our Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE), which provides a comprehensive software environment with complete traceability and simplicity of asset sharing (from sharing processes to service utilities). Our TCoE will also provide them with the numerous qualities:

  • Increased Agility: Businesses can respond faster to new business challenges and changes if resources, people, and time are effectively allocated.
  • Tighter alignment of business goals and efforts:By creating and measuring KPIs, company efforts can be more integrated and in line with business needs.
  • Resource efficiency: Businesses may use their existing tools, QA budgets, processes, people, and settings to their benefit.
  • Cost-savings:For three years, a typical resource cost reduction of 35% is achieved.
  • Reduced test times support faster time-to-market:Taking the products to market more quickly would become a reality with 50-70 percent test automation levels and test time reductions of 30 percent.
  • Improved application quality and performance: Limiting high-severity defects to less than 2% and lowering the chance of failure ensures improved app quality and performance and a better customer experience.

What do we offer?

Businesses can respond to new challenges faster by better allocating resources, people, and time.
Automate and execute Agile and DevOps software.
Testing Frameworks, Accelerators, and Best Practices
Model of tactical and strategic government
Evaluate and enhance testing tools, techniques, and standards regularly.
Enterprise Quality Dashboards and Testing Process Standardization

Why choose us?

Our quality assurance team will be more efficient if you use standards and efficient methodologies combined with governance and communication systems. We can help your organization build Centers of Excellence that establish common quality standards. Still, it also allows you to reuse assets and project knowledge, reducing expenses and overheads. Centralizing test automation and performance will reduce cross-project scheduling problems while maximizing test tools and test environments to maximize return on investment.

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Our goal is to provide the best services by installing and managing the frameworks which will help the clients to make the organizations grow and achieve success. We will offer a unique approach according to your needs. If you want any information you can reach us at any time.