High Tech

High Tech

Technology firms are in the business of innovation, which means they face many of the same market issues and pressures as their clients:

Competitive parity and commoditization are becoming a greater threat.
User experience design
Value-added services to go along with software
Performance optimization for various devices and user interfaces
Regional criteria for data privacy and legal compliance
Data analytics ability
Experimenting with new client use cases in a cost-effective manner
Time-to-market pressures in a competitive environment

We use cutting-edge technology to help you, infrastructure providers, and digital native businesses speed innovation, create new income streams, and get new insights and business prospects through analytics.

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IQuest team members are experts in Data Strategy and Data Architecture, but what sets them apart is their ability to partner and listen to the needs of the customer and provide solutions that are customized for their problem. Their ability to quickly “Teach and Train” a team of Data Engineers to execute on a large data migration project has saved millions.

VP, Data Engineering