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Staffing Permanent Positions

IT is a vibrant industry, evolving and growing rapidly. A permanent employee needs to be both loyal and skilled – a combination difficult to identify and attract in these times of high attrition. At IQuest, we have the wherewithal to tap the elusive candidate – For your specific need, matching technical and budget outlay. Our experience – spanning two decades and counting, diverse geographies, economies, and industries, has endowed us with a well-researched, updated data bank to envy and rich exposure to deliver. Top that with the fact that we are ourselves in the IT consultancy services, and you can fathom the outcomes – the most competitively able service provider in recruiting personnel across hierarchies in your organization – On Time. We are confident that you’ll continue with us as your permanent recruiter.

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Recruiting and integrating permanent workers into an organization takes serious, immense level of commitment. Our Permanent Staffing Solutions help you identify and recruit professionals ideal and best suited for your company in any industry of your choice. With access to our professionally screened and trained applicants, you can choose the right professionals with precision, making it easy for you to show and give them the immense level of commitment that is needed. It is easy to achieve your business goals with our large team of consultants. With a record of guiding and inspiring thousands of professionals into different positions across different industries, we are one of the leading permanent staffing companies. Our Permanent staffing services have a solution for all your recruiting problems, be it hiring an employee or a group of employees. We are committed to provide you with best professionals in the industry to help your business improve, grow and protect all your interests. With us as your Permanent Staffing partner, you are assured to get the best the industry has to offer.

Recruiting is a highly draining process. Filtering resumes, choosing and deciding upon the ideal candidate for the job is not just time consuming but also requires a lot of resources and energy to be done right. Choosing us, the experts in Permanent Staffing, can help you shift your focus to running your business and also help you save resources and time. You can rely on us and our vast experience to provide you with the right team for any project and to increase or replenish your workforce.

How can we help?

Our permanent staffing approach begins with an in-depth study of your requirements, followed by a thorough market analysis. The outcomes are used to garner interest in your business, attracting the best talent in the market before we commence the search for ideal candidates. Once this is done, we filter the candidates or teams that are best suited for your organization and its needs and challenges. Our network of recruitment professionals uses customer-specific and consulting techniques to accurately select the best candidate or team for your organization and market needs. Our seamless procurement and distribution method minimizes all the expenses that are incurred when new workers are hired, on-board, and trained. With our tried and tested processes, the consistency of our candidates is unmatched by any other Permanent Staffing organization in the industry.

Permanent Staffing Solutions will help and direct you through the recruitment process. It ensures success in every step of the recruitment process from filtering to hiring to final recruitment.

Our Permanent Staffing Services include the following steps-

  • Understanding the client demands: understanding the needs of the customer is the primary step in our Permanent Staffing Process. We will study and understand your organisation, it’s long-term, short-term goals and priorities, market culture and history. Knowing and understanding all this would only help us provide you with the best and accurate results. With that as our priority, we would also visit your working space to gain a better understanding and accurate perspective, if necessary.
  • Customized recruitment plan: once we gather all the information and details, we develop a custom-made Permanent Staffing plan dedicated and suited specifically to your business’ unique requirements. We have a large network of talented job seekers which also includes candidates who are not actively looking for a job but would consider a good offer. We also use our strategic alliances, personal networks and contacts at civic and professional organisations to widen our search and find the best suited candidate for the job.
  • Candidate shortlisting and authentication: consisting of experts in the field of Permanent Staffing, our team filters the promising candidates through personalized interviews. The top applicants will be best suited for the job profile, equipped with the desired and required skills. A thorough background check and verification of the work history and professional references is also done. Only the best suited applicants are chosen and their profiles are forwarded to you so that you can pick the best from the best.
  • Finalizing the staffing process and follow-up: Our team supports you in finalising the staffing procedure by taking care of the negotiations and securing the candidate’s signed offer documents. We also continuously follow-up with the candidate and the client to ensure that the on-boarding process goes smoothly without any hiccups.

Why choose us?

With years of experience in recruiting and a professional team, we have produced results that have exceeded the expectations of our clients. Over a period of time, we have managed to build a well-established professional network, which has helped us in providing our clients with unmatched service at quicker pace.

We have obtained several great results over the years-

With thousands of recruited positions and 100% customer satisfaction and recommendation of reliable consumers.
Meeting the clients’ expectations by finding professional and skilled workers who fit the bill, through our comprehensive experience gained over the years.

Meeting the needs of our clients through our free initial consultation services and our flexible and competitive pricing.

Our affordable packages have satisfied multiple customers with multiple capabilities and needs. This has ultimately widened the recruiting choices, consequently the number of customers for our services have increased. We are equipped with a reliable recruitment database which provides our clients with the needed services for a short period of time.

Unique, effective and customised approach to every company/client based on the requirements of each company, recognising the uniqueness of the priorities, ambitions, long-term and short-term goals of the companies with 100% dedication.

Our experts provide you with professional staffing services for your permanent positions, regardless of your region and time-zone. Do not hesitate to contact our team to know more!

MAKE THE SMARTER CHOICE. TAKE THE ELEVATOR TO SUCCESS, leave the ladder for competitors.

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Our experts provide you with professional staffing services for your permanent positions, regardless of your region and time-zone. Do not hesitate to contact our team to know more!