Cloud Strategy

Gain effective cloud strategy services from IQuest

A cloud strategy is a clear statement of the cloud’s function in the enterprise. It is a living document that links a high-level business strategy and a cloud adoption/migration strategy. A cloud strategy is different from a cloud migration or adoption strategy. We provide world-class solutions and services that consistently surpass customer expectations. Our strong vertical knowledge, along with expertise in many enterprise-class cloud platforms, aids in the development of specialized solutions to satisfy our customers’ business requirements. Our worldwide team is made up of seasoned individuals with expertise in various tech stacks. Every member of our team is dedicated to assisting our customers in achieving their objectives.


Our Cloud Strategy Service entails the following:

Review of current infrastructure and processes
Assisting you in determining the best cloud migration strategy and implementing the necessary improvements
Enabling database transfer to the cloud
Ensuring your cloud infrastructure’s security, scalability, and resiliency
Creating a microservices suite out of the application
Using a Restful API to connect cutting-edge cloud technology

What do we do?

We will execute our cloud approach properly. We will assist its clients in developing a unique cloud strategy customized to their business at every stage. We help organizations achieve optimal speed, performance, and reliability in their cloud environment by providing professional assessment, project scoping, blueprinting, and project planning. And we always ensure that their business is future-proof.

Our Approaches

We align the role of IT departments to assist the organization’s journey into the future by creating a picture of how technology might help achieve business objectives.

We help teams make a case for cloud adoption at enterprise size by finding the tangible goals and benefits adoption will bring, whether your company is already using the cloud or just getting started.

Our cloud strategy services will help businesses overcome the growing pains and challenges of cloud-first adoption by visualizing and planning how cloud technology can and will transform their organization.

How we help you?

Instilling high-performing teams across a technology-driven organization through smarter ways of working
A paved path of cloud-native technologies that are pre-integrated and open-source, as well as best practice recommendations
The proper infrastructure to handle software delivery, data, and analytics, and process adjustments
Streamlined team and cloud adoption onboarding will increase developer value and speed to market.
Controls and governance that are consistently applied with common foundations and self-service capabilities
A painless and productive transition from the current development method to cloud-native CI/CD

Result of the services

We provide a cloud approach that allows for digital transformation by providing:

Create a clear target end-state for your cloud strategy by aligning it with business objectives.
Cloud value case: Determine the costs and advantages of the next step in your cloud migration.
Create a cloud roadmap to chart your journey through the various options and actions required to achieve your goal.
Cloud transformation plan: Determine the associated organizational changes and capabilities required to realize the cloud’s promise fully.

We will assist you in building a solid foundation for your cloud journey, allowing you to move from a cloud-first purpose to reality. Your cloud goals will be directly linked to financial outcomes.

Why choose us?

  • Focus and experience: Experienced Solution Architects with expertise in several cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, and GCP) that can advise on customer cloud journeys, design, and build enterprise cloud solutions for both major companies and rapidly developing SMBs.
  • A large pool of certified cloud architects: With practical experience planning, constructing, moving, and improving cloud infrastructures,
  • Modern application development services:Working knowledge of Agile processes and clean code practices best suited for cloud technology. This provides all of the advantages of current computing power, such as scalability, dependability, security, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Expertise: scalable data engineering solutions, scalable, agile processes, continuous integration and insight, single-click coded CI/CD pipelines
  • Reduce costs and enable application scalability:Accelerated enterprise cloud services provide rapid discovery and prioritization of application and data assets.
  • Identify areas of change in foundational processes: Recalibration of the operating model helps identify fundamental strategies for continuity, idle, and instability resulting from remote work.
  • Connect business goals to IT architecture:Our expertise may cater to your specific requirements, such as cloud environment support and cloud security, easing your transition to the cloud.

Approach us

With cloud strategy services, our purpose is to assist the client in formulating a long-term strategy for corporate growth and achievement. Any company’s deployment requires a clear cloud strategy. We offer a one-of-a-kind approach personalized to your specific goals and circumstances. You can approach us when you need to develop your business to the next level.