Consulting Services

We help clients to improve effectiveness and efficiency of IT application environments by adopting re-useable software platforms. We provide platform-based solutions, based on business and technology problems. For every client engagement, we leverage our global delivery model, proprietary frameworks and tools, such as, Strategic Enterprise Information Roadmap framework (STEIR) and Business Process Visualization (BPV) to keep pace with latest technology advances, business and industry trends, and to accelerate delivery.We use our Global Delivery Model for the success of every engagement. Our onsite teams work directly with our clients to understand and analyze the current-state problems and design specifically tailored conceptual solutions. Our offshore teams work seamlessly with our onsite teams to design and expand the conceptual solution, research for better alternatives, perform detailed analyses, develop prototypes and proof-of-concept. We believe that this approach reduces cost, allows us to explore more strategies in the same amount of time and improves the overall quality of our deliverables.

Product Development

IQuest’s software product development services are customized to help Independent Software Vendors build complex, sophisticated, and commercial software products. In addition, we support functional disciplines spanning product management, product development, sales & marketing, product maintenance, support services and professional services. Our product development services: Leverages expertise within our Advanced Technology Centers (ATCs), equipped with a global infrastructure, state-of-the-art communication facilities, best-in-class processes and offshore best practices Provides knowledge-based engineering that helps our clients cut the design cycle time Combined with our domain expertise and global delivery model, help our clients introduce products faster-to-market Uses iterative, Agile methodology conforming to industry benchmarks Utilizes home-grown and industry proven tools, accelerators, frameworks, techniques and best practices resulting in operational efficiency Offers large pool of specialized, highly-skilled professionals across various technologies, platforms and domains.

Onshore Activities

The world is getting narrower and the boundaries are being re-defined. But inspite of that, the value proposition for Offshore projects is seriously questioned and as per an independent survey of top CEO’s, more than 59% of CEO’s believe that they are not seeing the value. Below are top Five Reasons how onshoring can benefit you.


Quality is our no. one priority and we are the only company in the industry who guarantee our work. We offer upto 20% increased ROI on all work we do.


As per a survey done, the avg. direct cost a U.S. company pays per man hour is approx. $40/hr. This does not include an almost equivalent cost in maintaining resources onboard for transition as well as continous support. We have no hidden cost as our professional work on site.

Domain Knowledge

We understand that Domain knowledge is a hidden jewel. And to undug this jewel, its very important to be closer to Business. This is the fundamental reason why we are able to succeed.

Data Security

A study by the Ponemon Institute found the average cost of data breaches – from detection to notification to lost business – is rising. The No. 1 cost to companies is lost business, which now accounts for 69 percent of total costs. Offshoring companies lack in infrastructure and by keeping data on Site, security risks can be reduced.

Improved Productivity

With a time difference of more than 10 hours between the Client and top offshore sites, Employees in U.S. are seriously impacted by work life balances and have to work for extended no. of hours. Working onsite not only improves work life balance, but can dramatically increase productivity of Employees driving ROI higher.

Increased Stability

Many offshore providers that have been successful are increasing their prices due to fact that competition for local human resources is pushing up the cost of labor. By developing a stronger workforce in U.S., the long term stability can be improved.