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Access to innovation laboratories can help organizations boost their digital transformation efforts by streamlining the process from concept to implementation. Customers can design, develop, show, and test novel technological goods and integrated architectural solutions before purchase using a collaborative environment for proof of concept and education. IQuest has a team well-versed in the latest Agile and DevOps techniques, and we use AI and analytics to boost our clients’ digital efforts. We also have our technological accelerators that have been shown to cut cycle time and risk. We Lab-as-a-service enable real-world testing and validation of devices, chipsets, apps, and end-to-end solutions using state-of-the-art wireless network infrastructure and testing expertise. Our Digital Network Architecture reduces time to market with extensive testing automation.


● Rapid access to laboratories: On-demand access to carrier-grade lab infrastructure
● Reduce CAPEX expenditures: The innovative as a service concept cuts down on upfront lab Capex expenditures
● Improve time to market: A completely automated testing environment allows for faster product development and service deployment.
● Improve product and service quality: Identify and fix difficulties early in the product/service introduction lifecycle.

Our approach

● Reduce the time needed to get a product to market: Create an agile application lifecycle development methodology backed by the best IT environment architecture for product orchestration. Reduce essential business impacts and ensure consistent validation and verification cycles by automating QA.
 Reduce the cost of lab infrastructure: Utilize pre-built assets, solution accelerators, and an automated framework to streamline lab setup and significantly reduce deployment time.
● On-demand environment: Utilize a lab-based virtual IT environment powered by APIs that is also automated and configurable. Using customizable self-service portals, deploy prototypes and perform regression testing, configuration, and integration on virtual and on-premise assets.
● Zero-downtime deployment: A product deployment environment that allows for continuous delivery and security testing aids in the early detection of problems. As a result, any bugs are addressed in real-time by ensuring zero-downtime deployment.

What We Do

We will explore your digital ideas faster with less risk. Client innovation efforts are helped by IQuest Labs-as-a-Service, which allows them to prototype and test their digital ideas more rapidly and comprehensively without investing in infrastructure and resources.

From ideation and co-innovation to advanced prototyping and testing, we work with clients to translate their business objectives into well-defined initiatives. Companies can see results and receive meaningful feedback in 3 to 6 weeks vs. six months by reducing overall cycle time, guiding future investment decisions, and gaining a competitive advantage.

Why Choose Us

To help our clients stay ahead of the competition as a market leader in their area, we include innovation in our Lab-as-a-Service services.

Multifunctional Team: To ensure that your product benefits from the different viewpoints of subject matter experts, our Lab-as-a-Service team includes UX specialists, software engineers, and product owners.

Rapid Development Fail: Our fail-fast strategy ensures that flaws are detected and fixed as soon as possible and greatly decreases system failures. Finally, we guarantee a final product that provides long-term value to your company.

A Revenue-Driven Strategy: We collaborate closely with your revenue drivers such as business, marketing, and sales leaders to create new product features that amplify or produce new revenue streams.

End-to-end support: We give end-to-end support through our pre-trained, easily deployable teams from R&D to experimentation and product development to convert your idea into a reality with minimal overheads.

Enhance digital transformation efforts: Streamlining the idea generation to the implementation process.

Agnostic Vendor: Compare numerous vendor solutions and product, application, and platform combinations.

Demonstration of Concept: Validate your design before purchasing to ensure the best possible solution fit.

Reduce Migration Risk: Use proven migration procedures to reduce risk and speed integration.

MAKE THE SMARTER CHOICE. TAKE THE ELEVATOR TO SUCCESS, leave the ladder for competitors.

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You can reach out to IQuest at any moment to get the best lab-as-service. Our management’s committed to providing the best solutions and value-added services for our success and growth that enable our customers to have meaningful business impact outcomes.